My standing desk, one year later. Now 2015 man cave..

So it seems everytime people come to visit my place, there's a comment about my desk and the mandatory 2 minutes of staring followed by 8 minutes of questions. Here's a snapshot of what it looks like now, at Novemember 2014

It's a work in progress ever since I decided to try the concept early 2014. I think my main motivation was my Officeworks leather chair had started to lose it's padding and I felt my buns starting to get sore sitting all day and my lower back always felt weak. But rather than being any other normal person and going out on the hunt for a new chair - well I stumbled upon the concept of standing desk and felt the urge to do it. Now if you know me, if there's something I want, I will get it... eventually, plus I was bored...

What I used:

  • 3x IKEA Black Lack Table, same ones used for the LackRack ($7 each).
  • 2x IKEA RAST Bedside table, one for keyboard and mouse. Second for vesa mount ($15 each)
  • 1x Vesa Mount Stand (2 monitor stand for $50)
  • Mikrotik RB2011UAS-RM ($1xx from Duxtel)
  • 2x Wood planks, various sizes (Few bucks from Bunnings)
  • Large Standing Mat from Imagemats ($50~)

Original Standing Desk

2014 Standing (Post VESA mount install), the three phone books served me well! On the left, were some boxes to prop up my Thinkpad Yoga which connected to the One Link dock.

I used the three Lack tables, stacked up on top of my old long traditional wood table. I actually bought a table top piece from the IKEA "as-is" section, and combined placed it ontop of two smaller tables to give me a total of 2 meters of desk space.

For the monitor stands, I didn't trust the cardboardy Lack tables to mount my two brand new IPS screens (not in above image), so using one of the RAST bedside tables, a more solid feeling construction, along with a plank of wood to give the stand more to grip, this gave me more table space for storage, phones, HDDs etc.

The second RAST table, I put face down as a base for my keyboard and mouse. This is so useful, because I often found myself leaning against it, and it feels so sturdy and solid.

The other bits and pieces, you can see my Mikrotik rooter sits snuggly in between the legs, no screws at all. It just sits there because it's so damn light. Finally, the standing mat is a MUST have, if you don't have one, you'll give up. Trust me, it's worth the investment, don't skimp on a cheap low quality one.

2015 - Man Cave

So this is my setup now, for the new year, after 1 full week of cleaning up and multiple vists to the recycling center (there was too much crap for hard rubbish).

Standing Desk 2015

2015 Standing

New Things:

  • Dicksmith 40" TV (Discounted for $219)
  • Chromecast (Got it free with the Moto G 2nd gen I bought for my mum)

Other than the TV, I just rearranged my area and merged it with my workoutspace to create a more relaxed environment. I've now replaced my Laptop with a more powerful desktop where I had fun with VT-D and creating a winblows VM for gaming. I'm happy with Dota 2 on linux, but the variety on Winblows is nice. Plus, with the use of a simple xrandr script, I can very easily switch between my standing desk and a chair without the hassle of changing too much. Right now, one script and the input button on my monitor. More on my VT-D fun soon!

Hope this inspires someone to try a standing desk in the new year, I've found my lower back has improved dramatically and I can finally get back to running instead of just cycling.

Happy New Year!

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